Alexander Herzog, Mechanical Engineer

As the founder and owner of Herzog Services GmbH & Co. KG I am your trustworthy contact person.
In my first job - after studying mechanical engineering – I gained a lot of experience in the automotive industry. The “first steps” in Sales & Marketing I made during my time as the Key Account Manager for a supplier of truck seats to Mercedes-Benz.
In 2001 I joined the Nonwovens Industry by taking a position as Sales & Marketing Director with a manufacturer of packaging equipment. Ever since I gathered a lot of know-how and expertise in the development and project manage-
ment of converting and packaging equipment for the hygienic products. Several courses which I attended with the EDANA Organization helped me to build up a good knowledge foundation on Non-
wovens raw materials as well as processing techniques and their applications.
With this competence, with the great network I established over the past decade and together with my strong partnerships I would like to lead your project.

My focus is always on
- Commitment to Contract and Delivery,
- Proximity to Customers Preference, and
- Unconditioned Customer Satisfaction! 
  …after each and every project!

My objective is to prove our capabilities, obtain your trust and win you as a long-lasting happy customer! I am looking forward to you, your enterprise and your challenge!

Curriculum Vitae (PDF-File Download)