Welcome to our partner Teknoweb S.r.l.

Teknoweb S.R.L. is a new productive reality that have entered in the production market of lines devoted to manufacturing of wet wipes for the cure of the child, for the make-up, for the pharmaceutical use and for car cleanness, further than a service of design of special establishment and/or update of existent establishment for the increments of productive performances or development of new products. Upon specific request Teknoweb can plan and construct also special facilities for the industry.

The founders of this new reality are Pierangelo Mandotti, a person with thirty-year experience in the construction of establishment hygienic-sanitary let alone ex owner of the TEKMA S.R.L. / Nuova red italiana (operative in the construction sector of establishment for the production of hygienic products for baby, for adult and for gentlewoman) and afterwards co-holder of company GDM S.P.A. until the definitive cession of the Society to group GD of Bologna; Fabio Zampollo, another person very well known in the same field of automatic machineries for hygiene business.

Teknoweb is a strong partner of Herzog Services and is looking forward to your challenge.